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They Also Played...Avatar: Legend of Korra edition.


IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF THEY ALSO PLAYED! This time, we are looking at the cast of Avatar: The Legend of Korra!

Did you know that…


Korra - Janet Verney also played…

Haley (Still Waiting…)

Tracy Saunders (Best Player)

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Howdy, friends! Sorry for the virtual radio silence on here lately. Busier than my usual amount of busy as we are finishing up work on the second Korra art book on top of our production duties. We’re really excited to get that thing printed and released! Here are some peaceful, meditative stills of Jinora from Book 3. I really love these delicate, organic paintings by Studio Mir.

Hell yeah. They gonna release the second art book of Korra :)

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You know what breaks my heart about this? Is that when Korra comes and practically tackles Mako, his reaction is, “You’re not mad?” Not, “Hey, you came into my office and destroyed my desk and embarrassed me in front of my superiors” but “please don’t be mad at me.” 

It’s a codependent dynamic that I think really defines Mako’s end of their Book 2 relationship (and Korra’s as well to a lesser extent). And it’s a stage that most people go through on their journey to figuring out how to have healthy relationships. It’s the stage where nothing is more important than being on the same side, in which agreement and unquestioning mutual support are demonstrations of love, and in which fighting therefore must mean the absence of it.

When he broke up with her and Korra stormed out, I think there wasn’t even a piece of Mako’s mind that could imagine any situation in which she wouldn’t come back hating him. And hating him forever. He thought it was unsalvageable. And that’s why he moves on with Asami. And it’s also why he lies here. Because who wouldn’t?